sidewalk sighting – little portugal


I was on my way to pick up some coffee for the contractors when I saw her sun bathing on the sidewalk. “the sidewalk is an odd place to see this I thought to myself”. I was trying not to stare but her bare skin was too damn glistening to ignore. I found myself salivating as I stepped closer and notice man twice myself watching over her. Despite his intimidating pressence, I somehow I fould the courage to ask him “can take a photograph of her?” He replied “sure.” I hastily took a couple of shots and walked away thinkimg about how delicious she looked and whispering to myself “someday, I’ll find my own… My own sidewalk roasted pig”



One Response to “sidewalk sighting – little portugal”

  1. alanisnerd Says:

    huy and i drove past this place before. they’re invited us to have some! -ct

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