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where did it go IKEA?

September 23, 2009

Before we started shopping for our home, I already had my eyes set on what outdoor furniture I wanted for the backyard.  Now that we have our home, the furniture pieces are no where to be found.  They piece in question is the KVARNÖ chaise lounge from IKEA.  I remember first seeing in a flier, then, at the IKEA showroom.  But now, they have completely disappeared from IKEA’s database.  A search on the website shows nothing, the only images I can find of it is from other blogs.  I hope this is because it is a seasonal item that they only carry in the spring.  We’ve been burn by IKEA’s lack of stock lately, so please IKEA, bring them back, now.


sunbed 2

sunbed 1


wish i’d thought of that – StairCASE

September 18, 2009

We were talking the other day about what to do around the staircase in our new house.  Hayley wants a bookcase of sort around the staircase while I wanted to keep it airy and open.  A simple google search for “staircase bookcase” shows up many great examples, including Danny Kuo‘s StairCASE.  Two things I would like to wish for: to have this in my home, and to have a home with a ceiling tall enough that this would be essential.


staircase bookcasestaircase bookcase2

things we can’t afford – design "within" reach

September 9, 2009

Everything that is in Design Within Reach‘s catalog is on my list of things we can’t afford.  The worst part is that the store is right around the corner from where I work, taunting me every day.  Every time I pick up one of their fliers, it reminds me how much wallet is out of reach with my taste.  The Arco Floor Lamp is probably Hayley’s Holy Grail.  Mine is the Eames Lounge & Ottoman combo.  Loll’s Adirondack chair is kinda within reach for $550.00 US, but that’s still crazy for outdoor furniture.


so close, yet so far

September 1, 2009

On Sunday, Hayley saw these eames chairs at a local antique store. She was trying to be good and not buy it on the spot, unfortunately, today, when she decided to go back and get it, someone was literally paying to them. You snooze you lose I supposed. I’m sure we will be able to get the same ones, or something better, eventually.