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origami holidays

December 17, 2009

Here’s the card that our firm is sending out this year.  I decided to go analogue this year and stray away from my usual digital fare.  The origami reindeer (instruction by Peter Engel) is probably one of the most complicated model I have ever completed, and it was also the first time I folded in years.   Probably not the best idea at the time.   The reindeer is made from an 18″ square mylar paper, and took me 3 hours to complete.  Anyone who has work with mylar can tell you that it is not one of the quieter paper when folded.  Hayley kicked me out of the bedroom because it was too noisy, then my mom kick me out of the living room and into the basement because she can hear me from her bedroom.  Anyways, it was fun, and it definitely help rekindle my love of origami.


lego – nakagin capsule tower

November 13, 2009

the Nakagin Capsule Tower is one of the best examples of Japanese Metabolism.  Unfortunately, it will be taken down in the near future for a more conforming building.  This Lego creation perfectly encapsulate the essence of the building, even down the fact that each capsule can unplug from the main structure.


Space, Time & Reality via The Brothers Brick

hayley featured on BLDGBLOG

September 29, 2009

The blog itself is about Philip Beesley, but the work featured, titled Endothelium, is a collaboration between Hayley and Philip.  Can you tell that I am a proud husband?


There is more information about the sculpture at UCLA Art | Sci Center & Lab website for those interested.