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lego – nakagin capsule tower

November 13, 2009

the Nakagin Capsule Tower is one of the best examples of Japanese Metabolism.  Unfortunately, it will be taken down in the near future for a more conforming building.  This Lego creation perfectly encapsulate the essence of the building, even down the fact that each capsule can unplug from the main structure.


Space, Time & Reality via The Brothers Brick


inspiration – Gama-Go

October 9, 2009

I’ve never heard of Gama-Go before, but instantly fell in love with their quirky products.  Some of my favourites are:



Cassette Tape Measure


inspiration – kikkerland

September 28, 2009

I heart Kikkerland.  I was introduced to them when I picked up one of their critters while living in Vancouver.  Then, they faded from my consciousness until recently when then conversation (and consequent google search) about solar-hand crank radio led me back to them.  That’s when I realized that all the recent products that I have been admiring from afar is from them.  I will get that flip clock one day.


kikkerland crank radio

kikkerland wood clockkikkerland flip clock

lego – fallingwater

September 16, 2009

Lego recently introduce its Architecture line.  Lego and architecture is like beer and chicken wings.  Both are great on their own, but are oh so much better together.  Unfortunately, this beer and wings combo is going to cost you a whopping $99.99 USD.  I would imagine that even FLW, in his grave, would think that this is too expensive for a mere 811 pieces.  I would like to try to create this on my own only if only I had that many tan coloured bricks.

Other buildings in this line includes the John Hancock Center, Empire State Building, and Seattle Space Needle, all at$ 19.99 USD.  They also have the Solom R. Guggenheim Museum for $ 39.99 USD.


lego falling water