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architecture porn + CGI porn = instant love

January 8, 2010

Yes, architecture is my field, and yes, I am a self profess CGI nerd.  Even if you are not, I am sure you will be in awe in this short film by Alex Roman.  For a while there, I was getting bored with the generic semi-realistic CGIs coming out of the architecture community.  This is the first film of this genre that in a long time that made me gasp with pure amazement.

Make sure you go to the video source and watch it in its full HD glory.

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.


sidewalk sighting – little portugal

October 10, 2009

I was on my way to pick up some coffee for the contractors when I saw her sun bathing on the sidewalk. “the sidewalk is an odd place to see this I thought to myself”. I was trying not to stare but her bare skin was too damn glistening to ignore. I found myself salivating as I stepped closer and notice man twice myself watching over her. Despite his intimidating pressence, I somehow I fould the courage to ask him “can take a photograph of her?” He replied “sure.” I hastily took a couple of shots and walked away thinkimg about how delicious she looked and whispering to myself “someday, I’ll find my own… My own sidewalk roasted pig”

you know times are tough when even iPhone owners are being frugal

September 16, 2009

Case-Mate is selling a cardboard iPhone case for the cheap price of $ 0.99, it also comes with a Sharpie marker for personalization.  The best part is the description of the product: “Tough times call for tough cases and that’s where the recession case comes in! The recession case lets you keep cash in your pocket without sacrificing on unique design for your beloved iPhone!” The irony of a “recession case” for the iPhone makes me want to click on the “add to cart” button.

Case-Mate iPhone 3G / 3GS recession case.



hayley the super model

September 11, 2009

Tara McMullen, the assistant photographer at our wedding, made a post about us in her blog.  I agree with her, Hayley does look fantastic, and this is one of my favourite shots.


to celebrate our move, we moved our blog also

September 10, 2009

We decided to jump ship while our relationship with Blogger is still young. I love google and everything it does, but the temptation of being able to post and edit our blog on the iPhone is just too great. So, so long Blogger…hello wordpress.


out of the old, but not yet into the new

September 8, 2009

We moved over out of Swansea dig over the weekend, hence the lack of post. Ideally, we would have moved straight into our new home, but that scheduling did not work out. So we are currently in limbo, but are trying to make best out of the situation. What the move did show us is the amount of things two people can accumulate over a two years period. We are also excited about moving into the new house and finally having everything we own in one cohesive place, and, purging our book collections. Note to self: hold back on the shoe and t-shirt purchases, and make some trips to the Goodwill donation centre. My parents are housing us in the meantime. Commuting out of Mississauga is not ideal, but Vietnamese-home-cooking is sure a good trade off.


a slow start, but a start none the less

September 6, 2009

OIPn thursday night, we had the contractor and the electrician come and take a look at our house. After much talking, we all decided that the best course of action is to tear down all the interior finishes of the exterior walls, the ceilings and most of the interior walls. Most of the exterior walls has no insulation what so ever and with the plumbings and electrical needed to be replace, this is the quickest and best solution. All of this is not news to us, but is still hard to hear. Our plan of moving into the place quickly has been dimmed slightly. Because is the long weekend, we will not be able to begin demolition until the middle of next week. Even though we have the main bedroom and bathroom on the priority list, to make the house habitable asap, this is highly anticipated on how quickly the electricity and plumbing gets put in place. We are keeping our fingers crossed. We were hoping to get some of the demo started ourselves this weekend, but between shopping for tiles and packing to move out of our current place on Monday, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

Bathroom Sink

September 2, 2009

Our limiting budget means that we will be basically shopping out of the Ikea Catalog. Fortunately, they have things that are easy on the eyes and wallet. For the upstairs bathroom, we are going to with the LILLÅNGEN Sink cabinet with 2 doors option. The stark white finish with the aluminum framed glass doors should contrast nicely with the floor tiles we picked for the room The downstairs powder room will have a similar setup but with only one door.


Bathroom Floor Tiles

September 2, 2009

There are a lot of details that will need to be decided for our home renovation. One of the first things that we decided on is the bathroom floor tiles. Because it is a smaller area, we were able to blow our budget slightly to indulge in a really interesting material. It is called WoodStone by Porcelain gres. The colour we are using is called “african wenge”. We wanted to go for a woodsy rustic floor in the bathroom, but of course, wood is out of the question, so this is almost a better alternative. I think this will look great with the white bathroom fixtures. The image below gives a good taste on what the material is like.