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postcarden by A Studio for Design

March 10, 2010

Designed by London designer Aimée Furnival of A Studio for Design, the postcarden is just awe-inspiring.  You simply open, grow, and admire.  I didn’t think anything can make pop-up cards better, I stand corrected.

via Dezeen


wish i’d thought of that – kitchen utensils

January 8, 2010

“The Elevate™ range of kitchen tools are designed to improve hygiene and minimize the mess made by placing mucky utensils onto kitchen surfaces.

An innovative weighted handle with an integrated tool rest ensures that when an Elevate™ utensil is placed down, the head is always raised off the work surface.

The Elevate™ range comprises of 6 essential tools, available individually or as a boxed gift set.”

Joseph Joseph via

inspiration – NYC spaghetti

November 4, 2009

Oh spaghetti, you are an architect’s best friend.  Not only are you affordable for a starving architecture students, you also lend yourself well for cheap modeling materials.  Thanks to Alex Creamer‘s packaging idea, you finally get your iconic status.


TheDieline via Eat Me Daily

inspiration – hey jude flowchart

November 3, 2009

This one is for the flowchart lovers.  Now, I have the Beatles stuck in my head.


via love all this

wish i’d thought of that – felt wine rack

November 3, 2009

Simple.  Elegant.  Felty.  What more could one ask for?

Hayley, this could me something that you can make from that sweater that I accidentally dried.


Supermarket via swissmiss

inspiration – TerraCycle

October 26, 2009

Can’t find an appropriate present for that environmental conscious friend? Feeling too guilty about the products are you consuming and dumping? Don’t want to give your cash to the evil cycle? TerraCycle may be the cure to your blues and greens.

Being a gadget nerd, and an occasional chips connoisseur , I am really interested in the Frito-Lay speakers.  Eco-chic aside, the colours are fantastic on these speakers.

TerraCycle via CNET


inspiration – Gama-Go

October 9, 2009

I’ve never heard of Gama-Go before, but instantly fell in love with their quirky products.  Some of my favourites are:



Cassette Tape Measure


wish i’d thought of that – ‘natural’ hangers

October 5, 2009

The simplicity and elegant of this makes me want to take a trip to the hardware store on the way to the woods.  I think in my version, I will try to strip the barks of.  Nothing is sexier then naked wood.

livtte la suissette via swissmiss


inspiration – powder room

September 28, 2009

I am not usually a fan of overly-ornate decoration, but something about Marsh & Clark‘s powder room intrigues me.  We have a powder room with similar size and proportion planned for the main floor.  It is missing the end window however, and I think that is the jewel of the this whole room.

Marsh & Clark via Apartment Therapy



wish i’d thought of that – coffee cuff

September 25, 2009

I love coffee, and I love bent-ply, and Contexture Design’s Coffee Cuff is a hit on both fronts.  Too bad I can’t rock a cuff.  Hayley is not a hot-drink drinker or else she would be all over it.

Contexture Design via swissmiss