stainning – the bane of my existence


Our contractor bought us some solid poplar trims with the intentions of painting it. Upon inspection, we noticed how nice the wood was and how shameful it would be to cover it with paint. We wanted him to stain it, but he declined citing how long it would take and that he did not budget himself for it, so if we wanted him to do it, we would have to pay him more. We stubbbornly took it upon ourselves and decided that we were going to it. Many days and nights of stainning and sanding later and I am finally done with the first batch of the trims base boards and moldings and doorframes. And they look pretty darn hot if I say so myself. Oh, and now the contractor wants to stain all his future trims after seeing our result.

The photo below shows the original wood on the left and the stained ones on the right.



One Response to “stainning – the bane of my existence”

  1. jenia Says:

    nice! that looks so choice…can’t wait to see your place.

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